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What to do with vitiligo

If you have a suspicion of vitiligo, you need to go to a dermatologist who will confirm or refute your suspicions. Diagnosis of the origin of white spots on the skin will not take much time, but it will eliminate all your doubts.

Many people consider vitiligo a hereditary disease. This is not entirely true. Many factors are involved in the development of pathology, therefore, firstly, often people with vitiligo cannot remember a single close relative with such a disease, and secondly, vitiligo is not always transmitted from parents to children, even in cases where both mother and father suffer from depigmentation spots.

Vitiligo is a remission disease that is prone to a chronic course. The periods of remission are replaced by periods of exacerbations, when the disappeared spots appear again or even cover new areas.

White spots on the skin do not cause physical pain or itching. The disease does not affect the internal organs. Pathology does not threaten complications that can shorten life expectancy. The spots do not degenerate into cancer, the maximum that threatens you is a sunburn.

The main problem of a person with vitiligo is the attitude of society. Vitiligo is not contagious, but the people around us fear everything unusual. Therefore, often from childhood, white spot disease threatens social deprivation. Moms do not allow children to play with "suspicious" babies, for fear of "getting infected."

Today, the situation has improved significantly, as the level of education and the general culture of the population has increased. However, still people with vitiligo from time to time are faced with aversion to society. Boys and adolescents often develop complexes, and adults experience difficulties in hiring and communicating with strangers. Mental pain, resentment and loss of self-confidence cause stress and contribute to the progression of the disease.

“Squash of ferns” - a talisman from Skin Melanin

“Quail of ferns” Skin Melanin will help everyone who addresses the question: “What to do with vitiligo.” We have selected the optimal set of natural ingredients that contribute to the treatment of white spot disease.

The composition of the preparations includes time-tested natural components:

Medicinal raw materials are grown in a production way. This approach guarantees the absence of chemical elements hazardous to health, as well as the biological purity of the preparations.

The Skin Melanin series is manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment that provides a sufficient concentration of biological active substances.

Skin Melanin natural preparations are well tolerated. With increased sensitivity to the components, skin reactions, abdominal pain and stool disorders are possible. Such cases are very rare and do not require special treatment, just stop taking Skin Melanin.

Our products can be combined with other drug and non-drug methods of vitiligo therapy, including phototherapy with a narrow spectrum of UVB 311

How does the “Paporotka Quart” work

Vitiligo is a pathology with multiple developmental mechanisms. The persistent course of "white spots" is associated with local disturbances in several body systems: nervous, endocrine and immune.

"Quail paporotі" contains more than 100 biologically active substances that mutually reinforce each other's action. As a result, the work of the central nervous system stabilizes, the hormonal shift is eliminated, and the immune system normalizes.

Taking the drug inside in the form of vitiligo tablets helps to stabilize the process and prevents the further spread of depigmentation spots. Regular application of vitiligo gel to the skin will help restore the color of the affected areas, the active substance of which improves the nutrition of epithelial cells and stimulates the synthesis of melanin.

Masking Gel Skin Melanin is suitable for any type and color of skin, does not contain elements harmful to the body, reliably mask white spots on the skin. The use of the gel is quite comfortable: the product is absorbed into the skin for 10-15 minutes, and its duration is 6 days.

Unfortunately, today there is no tool that provides a 100% guarantee of full healing from vitiligo. The preparations of the Skin Melanin series in combination with the phototherapy of the narrow spectrum UVB 311 will help you achieve a long and stable remission.

Kvіtka Paporotі will give you the peace and self-confidence that people with vitiligo need so much.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Be healthy.


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