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Отзыв о skin melanin GEL 20.01.2022

Is vitiligo treated

Vitiligo - a remission disease

Vitiligo is a pathology prone to a chronically recurring course. White depigmented spots may decrease in size or even completely disappear, and then reappear, covering new areas. Therefore, the prognosis for a complete recovery in most cases of classic vitiligo is questionable.

White depigmented spots do not cause discomfort, if you feel pain, itching or burning, it is best to consult a doctor to clarify the diagnosis. Vitiligo does not lead to damage to internal organs, therefore, the prognosis for life expectancy and working capacity is favorable.

The spots are not prone to degeneration into a tumor, however, one should not stay in the sun for a long time, so as not to provoke a burn without protective skin melanin. The main problem of people with vitiligo is an aesthetic defect that makes communication in society difficult.

Should vitiligo be treated

People are used to fearing everything that is not clear to them, so white spots can cause instinctive rejection. Children and adolescents often have difficulty establishing contacts with their peers, while adults often have difficulty recruiting.

Nervous stress is an important mechanism for the development of skin lesions. Social maladaptation contributes to the appearance of new spots and / or an increase in the size of areas of depigmentation that have already arisen.

Therefore, the main thing during an exacerbation is calmness and the use of reliable natural remedies that can stabilize the process. Achievement of remission contributes to:

  • - Vitiligo tablets to block the internal mechanisms of the development of pathology;
  • - gel from vitiligo, contributing to the restoration of pigmentation of the affected areas;
  • - a masking gel that will restore your self-confidence.

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