Propolis and other popular methods of combating vitiligo

The healing properties of propolis

Propolis (bee glue) is a resin with the help of which working bees process cells intended for the development of eggs laid by the queen bee. It is believed that it is propolis that prevents decay and promotes the mummification of dead small animals, which often fall into the hive and cannot get out of there.

Propolis contains more than 100 biologically active substances:

  • - almost all trace elements;
  • - vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, H and P;
  • - amino acids, including essential ones;
  • - bee enzymes;
  • - flavonoids;
  • - antibiotic-like substances.

Traditionally, in traditional medicine, propolis was used for the treatment of chronic diseases that are difficult to treat: trophic ulcers, persistent ENT pathologies, skin diseases, inflammatory processes of the internal genital organs in women, etc.

Modern official medicine recognizes the antimicrobial, immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties of propolis. Propolis-based drugs are used for oral and external use (ointments), as well as in the form of suppositories (suppositories).

Propolis with vitiligo in folk medicine

In folk medicine with vitiligo, propolis is taken in combination with collections of medicinal herbs. Most often, to eliminate stains, multicomponent collections of 7-8 or more plants are used, which are taken orally in the form of decoctions. The course of admission is from 6 months.

Alternative methods increase the effectiveness of phototherapy of a narrow spectrum of UVB 311 nm, contribute to an increase in melanin synthesis in the affected areas, and prevent the appearance of new depigmentation spots.

However, the artisanal method of using propolis in combination with medicinal herbs has its drawbacks. First of all, the questionable chemical and biological safety of raw materials should be noted, since the environmental situation in the country leaves much to be desired.

Efficiency, which depends on the time of collection of medicinal plants, also remains a question: herbs must be harvested at a given period of the life cycle and at a certain time of the day. In addition, the result of taking the drug will depend on the conditions of drying and storage of herbs. All of these factors are difficult to control reliably.

How to deal with vitiligo

Skin Melanin Tablets

Skin Melanin propolis-containing tablets are manufactured industrially, which guarantees strict adherence to the rules at all stages of production. Medicinal raw materials are grown in ecologically clean areas, and the obtained components of the complex preparation are characterized by the maximum concentration of biologically active substances (extracts).

The combination of propolis with amaranth (shiritsa) and duckweed minor has been clinically tested and has shown encouraging results. Biologically active substances contained in several components mutually reinforce each other's action, blocking the development mechanisms of vitiligo:

  • - normalization of the state of the central and peripheral nervous system;
  • - elimination of hormonal imbalance;
  • - a beneficial effect on the immune system;
  • - stimulation of the synthesis of melanin.

It should be borne in mind that vitiligo is a remission disease, prone to a persistent course. Therefore, you need to tune in to long-term therapy, and the combination of tablets with phototherapy with a narrow spectrum of UVB 311 nm.

To achieve a long and stable remission, it is recommended to use the entire series of Skin Melanin

Skin Melanin Series

The Skin Melanin series consists of three drugs: tablets for oral administration, vitiligo gel, which should be used to lubricate the affected areas, and gel to mask depigmented spots.

Vitiligo gel as an active substance contains extract of small duckweed, which, when it enters the epithelial cells, improves the nutrition of affected tissues and starts the process of melanin production. The combination of taking the tablets inside and direct external exposure to the affected area with vitiligo gel significantly increases the chances of getting rid of spots.

The course of Skin Melanin therapy is at least 6 months. All this time you have to put up with white spots on the skin. Vitiligo elements are absolutely painless and, as a rule, do not cause inconvenience if they are not located in a conspicuous place.

However, pathology often chooses open areas of the body: face, hands, knees, etc. In such cases, being in crowded places threatens stress. Meanwhile, it is the disruption of the central nervous system that is often the trigger for the development of vitiligo.

Therefore, to prevent the spread of spots to other areas and achieve stable remission, you should use a gel for masking, which will make vitiligo elements almost invisible to others.