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Skin Melanin

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Vitiligo Gel

The principle of operation of the components

The gel from Vitiligo of the Skin Melanin series as an active ingredient contains an extract of a medicinal plant of small duckweed, which, penetrating the upper layers of the skin, has a whole range of beneficial effects:

  • - improves cell nutrition;
  • - normalizes local immunity;
  • - stimulates the synthesis of melanin;
  • - increases the resistance of epithelial cells to adverse factors.

Auxiliary components contribute to the penetration of biologically active substances, as well as nourish, soften and moisturize the skin.

The drug contains a small amount of preservatives that are safe for health, which ensure the safety and biological purity of the drug.

How to use

The gel is applied to the affected areas of the skin twice a day in the morning and in the evening with an interval of 10-12 hours.

Before the procedure, it is necessary to wash and dry the surface of the skin. The gel is applied in the direction from the center to the edges of the stain. The drug is applied with the fingertips in a soft circular motion.

After the procedure, you need to wait a while, so that the product is absorbed. This usually takes 10-15 minutes. You can then apply other cosmetics to your skin, including Skin Melanin masking gel.

The only contraindication to the use of vitiligo gel is: increased individual sensitivity to the components of the drug, which is extremely rare.

In such cases, the appearance of side effects in the form of a local allergic reaction (itching, redness) that disappears after stopping the use of the drug.

A complex approach

Vitiligo is a pathology with multiple developmental mechanisms. The appearance of white spots is associated with a malfunction of several body systems: nervous, endocrine and immune.

To reliably block the further spread of the process, it is advisable to take drugs that have not only local, but also systemic effects on the body.

Therefore, Vitiligo tablets are part of the Skin Melanin series. This is a complex preparation containing biologically active substances of extracts of several natural remedies against white spots disease:

The third important component of the series is a masking gel that is suitable for skin of any shade. The effect of Skin Melanin mask for vitiligo lasts about 6 days, then a simple staining procedure can be repeated.

The use of the components of the series is desirable to combine with phototherapy of a narrow spectrum of UVB 311.

Benefits of Vitiligo Gel Skin Melanin

Small duckweed is grown in industrial tanks in an industrial way, which guarantees the ecological purity and biological safety of the drug.

Medicinal raw materials are processed into extract using modern equipment. All stages of production from the collection of raw materials to the packaging of the drug are carried out under strict control.

Thus obtained gel from vitiligo is many times superior in effectiveness to traditional handicraft potions.

When creating the Skin Melanin series, we took into account the many years of clinical experience of traditional and official medicine in order to optimally select all the components that contribute to the restoration of white spots pigmentation.

We help people with vitiligo adapt to their disease and lead an active life. This site has been created for you.