Vitiligo Remedies Skin Melanin

Skin Melanin Series

“Paporotti quart” Skin Melanin is the result of a long and painstaking work. We found the optimal combination of natural ingredients that have earned well-deserved fame among herbalists and have been recognized as official medicine.

Skin Melanin is an industrial production, which is carried out on modern equipment in accordance with international standards. The whole process of obtaining drugs is carefully controlled - from the collection of medicinal raw materials, which are grown in environmentally friendly conditions, to the storage and transportation of products.

The composition of the Skin Melanin series includes:

  • - tablets containing several active ingredients (duckweed, amaranth, propolis);
  • - gel based on small duckweed (a recognized folk remedy for vitiligo);
  • - masking gel.

Natural components of Skin Melanin have virtually no contraindications and do not cause unpleasant side effects. Cases of individual intolerance in the form of skin and food allergies are extremely rare.

The Skin Melanin series can be used in conjunction with other medication and non-medication treatments for vitiligo, including phototherapy with a narrow spectrum of UVB 311.

Instructions for use

The Skin Melanin series helps achieve sustained remission of vitiligo. Drugs have a short list of contraindications.

Pregnant and lactating women, as well as children under 6 years old, can use the series of drugs after consulting with their doctor.

Tablets should not be taken for people with lactase deficiency, since this agent contains lactose as an auxiliary component.

Cases of hypersensitivity to Skin Melanin components are rare. If signs of skin or food allergies (abdominal pain, stool, skin rashes) appear when using the preparations of the series, stop using Skin Melanin. Special treatment is not needed.

Adults and adolescents take one tablet three times a day, children 6-12 years old - twice a day.

Children under 6 years old can use the drug after consulting a pediatrician. The dose will be prescribed by a pediatrician.

Vitiligo gel is applied by fingertips from the center to the periphery twice a day. After the procedure, you must wait 10-15 minutes, then you can apply cosmetics, including masking gel.

Masking gel is applied with a brush so as not to go beyond the boundaries of the stain. Staining is carried out in the direction from the center to the periphery. In order for the coloring gel to absorb enough 10-15 minutes, but to assess the color you need to wait another 8 hours.

If after 8 hours the shade is too light, the gel can be applied one more time. The masking effect persists on the skin for about 6 days. Then the procedure will need to be repeated.

Benefits of Skin Melanin

The natural components of Skin Melanin have a general and local effect on the body without causing unpleasant side effects. When taking tablets, more than 100 biologically active substances enter the bloodstream, which mutually reinforce each other's action.

As a result, all mechanisms of development of white spots are blocked: the state of the central nervous system is stabilized, hormonal balance is restored, and the immune response is normalized. Ultimately, taking vitiligo tablets prevents the further spread of old spots and helps to achieve a stable remission.

The active component of the gel from vitiligo is small duckweed. This medicinal plant helps to restore pigmentation: improves the nutrition of epithelial tissues and stimulates the synthesis of melanin.

Small duckweed can be purchased on the market or caught in a pond yourself, but the ecological state of the environment leaves much to be desired. Therefore, chemical elements harmful to health can get into handicraft preparations.

Skin Melanin grows plant materials in production tanks and processes it into a concentrated extract. This approach ensures environmental safety and high biological effectiveness of the series.

Skin Melanin masking gel reliably paints the skin. Coloring is provided by dyes, which are used in the manufacture of cosmetic lipstick and in the food industry, this masking is safe for the body.

We recommend Skin Melanin's “Short Fern” as a talisman-amulet for people with vitiligo. Unfortunately, modern science has not yet found a means that can once and for all get rid of white spots. But our products will help achieve reliable remission, increase the quality of life during exacerbation, and restore confidence in oneself and one's own strength.