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Skin Melanin

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Natural solid shampoo without silicones and parabens Skin Melanin
Sulfates (silicones) are surface active agents (surfactants) that provide powerful lathering, hair conditioning, and are also responsible for adding volume to the hair. Silicones contribute to the destruction of the hair structure, which is manifested by split ends, increased fragility and early hair loss.

Therefore, today natural cosmetic detergents are in great demand. The composition of the shampoo without silicones and parabens Skin Melanin:

A mixture of vegetable oils (olive, grape, coconut, palm)

Titanium dioxide (a safe color used in making white chocolate)


Sodium salt mixture



Vitamin and mineral complex

Natural solid shampoo looks like toilet soap, but contains a high percentage of natural condensers, which provides the effect of "clean thick healthy hair."

Parabens are artificial preservatives that, according to some reports, can have a carcinogenic effect. We take into account that chemical preservatives have a negative effect on all living things, so we try to avoid using components with a dubious reputation. Shampoo without sulfates and parabens has a limited shelf life (36 months).

The main volume of natural solid shampoo is made up of vegetable oils, which provide foam formation, gentle cleansing, hair conditioning, skin nourishment:

Coconut - responsible for the formation of thick foam

Grape - stabilizes the foam so that it does not fall off

Olive - provides conditioning

Palm - lathers well, softens the scalp, protects hair from drying out

We produce shampoo without sulfates and parabens, the only "chemistry" in the composition is titanium white used in the food industry and a mixture of sodium salts. These components color the product, give it hardness, and salts, moreover, play the role of natural preservatives.

Natural solid shampoo is enriched with a vitamin and mineral complex, contains milk, as well as a recognized folk remedy for vitiligo - duckweed. Duckweed extract and decoction stimulate the synthesis of melanin in melanocytes, contributing to the disappearance of white spots.

The transport of biologically active substances into the inner layers of the skin is provided with a sufficient proportion of glycerin. In addition, glycerin has a moisturizing effect.

Use for vitiligo
Detergents containing aggressive petroleum products irritate the skin and may cause white spots to spread. Shampoo without sulfates and parabens gently cleanses the hair, nourishes the skin, and has a local healing effect.

To prevent the progression of vitiligo, it is advisable to additionally take:

Vitiligo pills

Vitiligo gel

Masking gel

All SkinMelanin products are combined with 311 nm narrow spectrum phototherapy. It is the safest and most effective remedy for vitiligo.

Attention! Natural solid shampoo without silicones lather less, but its cleansing function is not affected. Increase the frequency of use when switching to a sulfate-free product should be no earlier than three weeks, so that the hair follicles have time to "get used to" it. As a rule, washing your hair once or twice a week is sufficient to maintain cleanliness.