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Skin Melanin

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Natural soap for face and body: composition, use for vitiligo
Composition of natural soap Skin Melanin
Natural soap for face and body does not contain petroleum products harmful to the skin, chemical dyes, fragrances. This detergent is enriched with medicinal components, as well as complexes of minerals and vitamins.

Composition of natural soap for body and face Skin Melanin

A mixture of vegetable oils (olive, grape, coconut, palm, shea, amaranth)

Titanium dioxide (titanium white, food grade colorant)


Sodium salt mixture

Small duckweed (decoction, extract)


Vitamin and mineral complex

A natural remedy always has a faint aroma, pastel shades, and is more expensive than a regular toilet one. The shelf life of the product is limited by its constituent medicinal products up to 3 years (36 months).

Components of Skin Melanin natural body and face soap
Olive oil cleanses the skin most gently, but this component does not provide sufficient foaming, therefore it is supplemented with other types of oils.

Grape oil has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect and stabilizes foam.

Coconut oil is directly responsible for the formation of the cleansing foam, this component also gives firmness. Therefore, the quality of the detergent is judged by the percentage of coconut oil. Natural soap SkinMelanin belongs to the highest grade (more than 15%).

Palm oil foams well and has a softening effect.

Titanium white gives the product a milky white color; safety has been proven by many years of use in the production of milk chocolate, mayonnaise, milk powder and other food products.

Glycerin is responsible for transparency, moisturizes the skin, and also promotes the penetration of medicinal substances into the deep layers.

Sodium salts are the invariable component of any soap that gives the product its hardness (as a rule, ordinary kitchen salt is used).

Duckweed small - a medicinal supplement that stimulates the synthesis of melanin in melanocytes, a recognized folk remedy for the treatment of vitiligo.

Milk - commonly used in handmade cosmetics, gives the product a delicate texture, scent, softens the skin and protects it from drying out.

Mineral and vitamin complex - nourishes and rejuvenates the skin.

Shea butter is a fashionable anti-aging cosmetic, has an anti-inflammatory effect, promotes the healing of minor injuries.

Amaranth oil contains phytoncides and is used as an additional component of complex vitiligo therapy.

Natural soap for face and body SkinMelanin for vitiligo
The pigment melanin protects the skin from the effects of ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, people with vitiligo require particularly gentle care.

The use of SkinMelanin natural soap for body and face is no different from the use of conventional toilet products: you need to lather the washcloth until abundant foam appears, lather the body, and then rinse off the foam with running water.

To stop the spread of white spots, as well as to maintain a stable remission, we recommend using:

Vitiligo pills

Vitiligo gel

Masking gel

All our products work well with 311 nm narrow spectrum phototherapy.

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, we are forced to use masks that put pressure on the face, as well as aggressive disinfectants to disinfect hands. Therefore, we recommend using our natural soap for the whole family.

Skin Melanin natural solid shampoo is suitable for washing your hair.