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Skin Melanin

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Shampoo with tar for alopecia, vitiligo, psoriasis
Why is tar shampoo useful for hair?
Birch tar is an ancient folk remedy that has gained recognition in the treatment of skin diseases (from psoriasis to furunculosis), the treatment of hair pathology (alopecia, fungal lesions of the scalp), as well as in the fight against cosmetic problems (dandruff, oily or dry hair, weak Hair Growth).

Modern medicine recognizes the beneficial properties of birch tar:

Normalization of the activity of the sebaceous glands

Anti-inflammatory action

Disinfection effect

Improving blood flow in the superficial layers of the skin

Stimulating hair growth from hair follicles

The shampoo with Tar Skin Melanin additionally contains medicinal components that restore the structure and color of the hair: duckweed extract and decoction, panthenol, vitamin E.

The specific smell of tar is not pleasant to everyone, although it disappears 20-40 minutes after washing your hair. We took into account the wishes of customers, our tar hair shampoo contains citric acid, which neutralizes the smell.

Other components of Skin Melanin Tar Shampoo
Foaming agents, conditioners, surfactant protection ingredients
Sodium laureth sulfate is an artificial foaming agent (surfactant) used in detergents and toothpaste. Unlike its relative, lauryl sulfate is not irritating. Dries the skin and hair, this effect is eliminated by other components.

Cocamidopropyl betaine is a foam enhancer that allows you to reduce the concentration of artificial surfactants. Hair conditioner with antiseptic properties. Derived from coconut oil.

Polyquaternium-7 - air conditioner. Facilitates hairstyle styling. Gives softness to the skin. Used in products to restore damaged hair. Safe (does not cause allergies or skin irritation).

Disodium cocoamphodiacetate - a derivative of coconut oil, eliminates the negative effects of sodium laureth sulfate.

Cocamide DEA - a derivative of coconut oil, allows the shampoo to have a detergent effect even in hard water. Safe.

Medicinal components of tar shampoo
PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil - softens and nourishes the skin, promotes the gradual flow of biologically active substances into the deep layers.

Extract and decoction of small duckweed. It is made from environmentally friendly plant materials grown in industrial conditions. Duckweed is an ancient remedy for vitiligo treatment. The healing effect is based on the stimulation of melanin production in the melanocytes of the skin and hair follicles.

Panthenol is a drug recognized by official medicine for activating the processes of self-renewal of tissues, normalizing the trophism of the surface layers of the skin, increasing resistance to the effects of adverse environmental factors.

Vitamin E is a multiplication and regeneration vitamin that stimulates hair growth, helps to restore damaged tissues.

Technical components of tar hair shampoo
Technical ingredients stabilize the state of a complex solution, protect it from the effects of the external environment, and prevent the growth of microorganisms.

Sodium chloride is a common salt used as a thickening agent.

Stearyl ether of ethoxylated polyglycerol + laureth-3 is an emulsifier responsible for the uniform consistency of the product.

Citric acid - used as a preservative, it helps to quickly neutralize the smell of shampoo with tar.

Disodium EDTA is a synthetic preservative that increases the skin's permeability to medicinal substances.

SkinMelanin does not contain "heavy" chemical preservatives that are harmful to all living things and therefore extremely effective. Our product requires compliance with storage conditions: away from direct sunlight at temperatures from 5 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Expiration date 36 months.

Using tar hair shampoo for vitiligo
Shampoo with tar, enriched with healing ingredients, is recommended for the care of problem hair, as well as for people with vitiligo, psoriasis, alopecia.

It should be borne in mind that vitiligo is a chronic pathology prone to a persistently progressive course. Therefore, to prevent the further spread of white spots, it is advisable to additionally use:

Vitiligo pills

Vitiligo gel

Masking gel

The most effective safe means of combating vitiligo today is recognized as phototherapy of a narrow spectrum of 311 nm. All Skin Melanin products are compatible with this treatment.

If you are interested in the healing properties of tar, we also recommend purchasing soap for hands and face, which contains a similar composition of medicinal components, but differs from tar shampoo for hair in an increased percentage of skin softening substances.