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Skin Melanin

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7-component herbal tea for vitiligo: nettle, chamomile, tutsan and others

General characteristics of Skin Melanin herbal tea

What tea is made from vitiligo

Herbal tea SkinMelanin is intended for a course intake, which in the general complex of preventive measures will help prevent the further spread of white spots.

The herbal tea contains seven medicinal herbs recognized by official medicine:

Tutsan (21% of the total mass)

Sage (21%)

Nettle (15.8%)

Plantain (15.8%)

Chamomile (10.5%)

Oregano (10.5%)

Calendula (5.4%)

Medicinal raw materials for vitiligo tea Skin Melanin are grown in an ecologically clean area using the production method. Herbs are harvested, dried and packed using modern technologies that preserve all biologically active substances.

Skin Melanin tea can be drunk by absolutely healthy people as a general tonic. 7 medicinal herbs will increase mental and physical performance, as well as the body's resistance to adverse environmental factors, protect against infectious diseases and chronic stress.

How to drink Skin Melanin

Pour 200 ml of boiling water over a tablespoon of the collection of herbs. Cover. Insist 45 minutes. Strain. Drink 1/3 cup 15 minutes before meals: morning, afternoon and evening.

Contraindications: gastritis with high acidity (increases the secretion of the digestive glands), pregnancy, age up to 12 years (no studies have been conducted).

With caution (consult a doctor): calculous cholecystitis (choleretic agent), urolithiasis (diuretic effect), a tendency to allergies (herbal preparations can cause allergies in susceptible persons).

Course duration: 30-45 days.

The minimum break between courses is 30 days (so that the body does not "get used" to the medicine). As a standard, it is advised on a mandatory basis to take herbal medicine courses in the transitional autumn-winter and spring-summer periods.

The mechanism of action of herbal tea for vitiligo

Vitiligo is a polyetiologic disease, in the development of which the state of the central nervous system plays an important role. The first white spots often appear after psychological trauma and / or prolonged nervous tension.

Our herbal tea contains the natural antidepressant tutsan in combination with other herbs (calendula, oregano, etc.), which provide:

Deep sleep

Elimination of symptoms of anxiety

Cheerful mood

Increasing resistance to irritants

An important cause of vitiligo is hormonal shifts. Vitiligo often begins during puberty, during pregnancy, as well as in people with endocrine diseases (diabetes mellitus, thyroid pathology).

Herbal tea for vitiligo contains herbs that are traditionally taken to stabilize hormonal levels in men and women, in particular: tutsan, sage, oregano (mother).

The main mechanism for the spread of white spots is autoimmune aggression against one's own melanocytes. All components of tea from vitiligo have a cleansing (choleretic, diuretic, diaphoretic, expectorant) and anti-inflammatory effect. tutsan is also used in folk medicine as a remedy for vitiligo.

Will herbal tea for vitiligo help get rid of white spots?

Vitiligo is a chronic pathology prone to a persistent course, when remissions, accompanied by a decrease in the area of ​​white spots, are replaced by relapses. To date, science does not have the means that would give a 100% guarantee of complete disposal of depigmentation foci.

Vitiligo is more of an appearance feature than a disease. White spots are not contagious, are not accompanied by an inflammatory reaction, are not combined with damage to internal organs, and do not threaten to degenerate into oncology.

Since vitiligo is not a life-threatening disease, preference should be given to methods that have no side effects and have a general strengthening effect on the body. In addition to herbal tea for vitiligo, Melanin Skin offers:

Vitiligo pills

Vitiligo gel

Masking gel

The effectiveness of the complex effect on vitiligo is greatly enhanced when combined with phototherapy of a narrow spectrum of 311 nm. This method has practically no contraindications, does not require the use of photosensitizers and has no side effects harmful to the body.

7 components of tea for vitiligo

tutsan (21% of the total mass)

tutsan in the folk tradition is "a cure for 99 diseases." The main plant of Ukrainian herbal medicine, which is included in almost all fees: for pathology of the liver and gastrointestinal tract, for diseases of the lungs and rheumatism, for "female" and nervous diseases.

A biologically active substance isolated from tutsan, hypericin, blocks the transition of dopamine to norepinephrine. As a result, the amount of dopamine, which is responsible for performance and good mood, increases, and the level of norepinephrine decreases, which eliminates the symptoms of increased anxiety, a tendency to phobias, nightmares, and panic attacks.